A death rock band from Los Angeles, California, 45 Grave emerged from the early 1980s punk rock music scene. Unlike many goth bands, 45 Grave found an audience among southern California punk rockers, attracted to the band's aggressive, guitar-driven sound that often prefigured black metal in such songs as "Wax" and "Evil". The fact that the band's drummer had been a member of The Germs added to their original punk credibility. On 45 Grave's only full length album, Sleep In Safety, they exhibited a sense of humor not often seen in the world of goth rock, especially in the song "Party Time", an anthemic metal sing-along about ironically unpleasant themes. Along with contemporaries Christian Death, 45 Grave were one of the founders of the American death rock subgenre, which was one of the strands that became the goth musical genre..

The band consists of: