7-Flushing Local is a IRT New York Subway train. Operating between Flushing, New York, in Queens to Times Square in Manhattan, this 8 mile (12.87 km) line travels through one of the most ethincally diverse areas in the world. The 7 is famous is being the offical train of the New York Mets and the US Open (tennis) since are located by its Willets Point/Shea Stadium station. Also, since the 1964 New York World's Fair was at Flushing Meadows, so the 7 was the main train route to the event. The R36 cars were built exclusively for the 7 in 1964 and painted in a "Bluebird" (light blue scheme (later painted in Redbird red by 1986-1989.)

R36 cars have served the 7 exclusively since 1964. Most of these cars have been retired and used as artifcial barrier and coral reefs, but some remain. The 7 is now mostly made up of R62A cars built in 1986.

The route has 3-track express service. The express runs to Manhattan in the AM to from Manhattan in the PM. Some express trains run special for Mets and US Open games.

The 7 has been known for its various styles of architecture along the line, from steel girder elevateds, to European-style concrete viaducts. The 7's underground stations have some unique designs as well such as Hunterpoint Avenue (Itailanate) and Grand Central (a single round tube similar to a London Underground station).

Plans are underway to extend the 7 to Manhattan's West Side in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics. A stadium and sport complex are being developed there. New cars (with Automatic Train Operation (ATO) may be purchased as well.

Alternate names for the 7: IRT Flushing, IRT Queenboro, The International Express

Stations (with other train transfers/connections) :

  • Flushing (Main Street) (Long Island Railroad-1 block]])
  • Willets Point-Shea Stadium
  • 111 Street
  • 103 Street-Corona Plaza
  • Junction Boulevard
  • 90 Street-Elmhurst Avenue
  • 82 Street-Jackson Heights
  • 74 Street/Broadway (E,F,G,R,V)
  • 69 Street-Fisk Avenue
  • 61 Street-Woodside (Long Island Railroad)
  • 52 Street-Lincoln Avenue
  • 46 Street-Bliss
  • 40 Street-Lowery
  • 33 Street-Rawson
  • Queensboro Plaza (N,W)
  • 45 Road-Courthouse Square
  • Hunterpoint Avenue (Long Island Railroad)
  • Vernon Jackson ([[Long Island Railroad 1 1/2 blocks at Borden)
  • Grand Central-Lexington Av/42 Street (4,5,6,S, Metro-North Railroad)
  • 5 Avenue-Bryant Park (B,D,F,Q,V)
  • Times Square-Broadway/7 Avenue (A,C,E,N,Q,R,S,W,1,2,3,9)

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