(Not Just) Knee Deep is a song by the artist Funkadelic. It is on the album Uncle Jam Wants You, released 1979.

This is one of the most popular Funkadelic songs, at least among the group's fans, and is easily the most popular song of the album. The songwriting is credited to George Clinton, Jr., allegedly as a gift from George Clinton, Sr (the actual songwriter), for his graduation from high school.

This song seems to be about both the singer and the girl from "Freak of the Week", discovering the hidden powers of Funk (see P Funk mythology) and their love of dancing to funk music.

Memorable lyrics:

  • "She did the freak, boy was it neat, yeah./She's a freak/The girl is a freak, the girl never misses a beat, yeah yeah"
  • "...when she dance she sets the world on fire"
  • "I got ants in my pants and I need to dance/Chicken ain't lickin', the moose wasn't cookin'/Oh, but your music grooved me, it moved me/That music and the beat HA!/Started tryin' liberating my feet/Can this be me, immersed in funk so deep?"


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