Abashera is a IQ-first person perspective-maze-platform game. Your mission is to find, and sometimes activate, the exit by solving different tasks. The maps are filled with very single minded creatures and much of the point of the game is to learn these monster's behaviors. Different dogs eat each other, frogs jump when you move in front of them, you can kill green dogs by falling on them, if you make "Commie dogs" run into "Imperial dogs" they will kill each other etc.

The game has no linearity at all, you do not need to solve one map before you move on to the next, and there is a good reason for this: Some maps are so hard to solve that it takes a very patient genius to solve them. Fortunately for most of us, most maps are somewhat easier. The maps are built up by 20*20 squares and they can be 4 planes high. Anyone can design his or her own maps/mazes with the level editor.

There are a few interesting things with this game, one thing is that it is one of the first first person perspective games in which you see your feet when you look down.

Abashera is made by the artist Max Magnus Norman