Anhui (安徽 pinyin: an1 hui1), also spelled in the past as Ngan-hui, Anhwei or An-hwei, is a province located in the northwest of east People's Republic of China, across the basins of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River.

Province Abbreviation(s): Xx
Capital Hefei
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 22nd
139,600 km²
 - Total (2000)
 - Density
Ranked 9th
Administration Type Province

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Anhui was first officially established as a province in 1667, during the Qing Dynasty. The name "Anhui" derives from the combination of the names of Anquing prefecture and Huizhou prefecture. The abbreviation for Anhui is "Wan", because there were historically a Wan State, a Wan Mountain, and a Wan river in the province. At the time of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, there were two prefectures: the south Wan and the north Wan. They were merged into a province in 1952.

The Battle of Feishui was fought in today's Anhui in 383 AD.


Anhui is located in the east China, across the basins of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River.

Neighboring provinces: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan and Shandong.

Major cities include: Huangshan, Bengbu, Tongling, Ma'anshan, Bozhou.





Miscellaneous topics

Colleges and universities

  • Anhui University, in Hefei
  • University of Science & Technology of China, located in the Southwest part of Hefei

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