Ash are a band which formed in Downpatric (Northern Ireland) in 1990. Ash's music, though originally commonly described as Britpop, has also been catagorised as indie, rock and punk.

The original band members were Tim Wheeler (vocs/guitar), Mark Hamilton (bass) and Rick McMurray (drums), who were later joined by Charlotte Hatherley (guitar/vocs).

The most popular and prominent albums have been 1977 (produced in 1996) and Free All Angels (produced in 2002).

Popular Ash songs have been Girl From Mars, Burn Baby Burn and Shining Light.


  • Trailer 1994
  • 1977 1996
  • Nu-Clear Sounds 1998
  • Free All Angels 2002
  • Intergalactic Sonic Seven's / Cosmic Debris 2003