'\August Strindberg' (January 22, 1849 - May 14, 1912) was a writer and playwright of Sweden. He is ranked among Sweden's most important authors. Strindberg was married to three women, all of whom he had children with: Siri von Essen, Frieda Uhl, and Harriet Bosse in chronological order.

Strindberg is noted for his hatred towards women, but also critical of the male role in society, and was loved by the working classes as a radical writer. He was a multi-faceted author, though often extreme. Psycho-analysts having analyzed him after his death speculate that a fear of his latent homosexuality is a possible source.

His novel The Red Room brought him to fame, and he is perhaps best remembered for his plays Miss Julie and The Dance of Death.

It is not so widely known that he also was a painter, photographer and alchemist.

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