The B14A was essentially a twin carb version of the B4B Volvo engine. These two engines bore a nearly identical appearance save for the induction systems. The B14A carb system was supplied by the British SU Carb concern and the carbs used were designated HS2. These dimunitive carbs familiar to any English sports car fan improved the accelleration and overall performance of the B4B which in turn accomplished Volvo's corporate desire to make the PV444 cars powered by these engines more attractive to the American audience whose attention Volvo hoped to gain.

While B14A engines are considered rare in the US setting, they were even rarer in Europe. The production run lasted for one year. Some of the earliest P1900 roadsters were built with B14s but many of the short production of 67 of these open fiberglass cars received the replacement for the B14: The B16.

- Manuel Override 10/04/03