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The Battle of Kadesh took place around in the fifth year of the reign of Ramses II between Egypt and the Hittites. The exact date is unknown, but it was around 1295 BC. It was fought on the Orontes River in Syria.

The Hittites, based at Carchemish, were angry over the defection of Amurru to Egypt. Muwatallish, the Hittite king, gathered his allies against Ramses army. The Hittites positioned themselves behind the hill at Kadesh, but Ramses thought they were at Aleppo and learned the truth only after capturing two Hittites. The Egyptian army was divided into four divisions: Ptah, Suteh, Amon, and Ra, but before Ramses could gather them all together, 2500 of Muwatillish's chariots attacked the Ra and Amen divisions and plundered the Egyptian camp. However, an army from Amurru suddenly arrived to assist Ramses, and drove the Hittites back.

The Egyptians regrouped and almost surrounded the Hittites, but the Hittite chariots retreated back across the Orontes to join their infantry. Muwatallish called for a truce with Ramses. Despite the victory for Ramses, his troops had suffered many casualties and he was unable to capture any more territory. Kadesh and Amurru were later recaptured by the Hittites.

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