Behind the Green Door (1972) was the first pornographic movie widely released in the United States. Directed by the Mitchell brothers and starring Marilyn Chambers as Gloria Saunders, the movie depicts her abduction to a sex theater, where she is forced to perform various sexual acts in front of an audience, with characters including nuns and trapeze artists.

Prior to the movie's release, Marilyn Chambers had modelled for Procter & Gamble and Ivory Snow detergent. After the release of the movie, P&G recalled all products and advertising materials featuring her, unintentionally adding to the movie's hype. Along with Deep Throat, released later in the same year, the movie launched the "porn chic" boom and started what is now referred to as the "Golden Age of Porn". Made with a budget of $60,000, the movie ended up grossing over $25 million.

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