Bell Biv DeVoe is a spinoff group formed by the members of New Edition: Ricky Bell, Mike Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe. It wasn't until after the tour in support of the release of New Edition's 1988 album, Heart Break, that the threesome decided to split from the two other members of the group and started their own project.

Their debut album was produced by a variety of producers, including Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Public Enemy's producers Hank and Keith Shocklee, Timmy Gatling(formerly of Guy) and several others. The first album "Poison" was released in 1990 and sold over 3 million copies.

Compared to fellow new jack swing ensemble New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe's material has funkier rhythms, sexier lyrics and vocals and a much harder, stronger, hip-hop meets r&b flavor to it. The album's title track came in 3rd place on the r&b charts and other hit singles from it include B.B.D.(I Thought It Was Me), When Will I See You Smile Again, and Dope! .

W.B.B.D.Bootcity:The Remixes cd followed in 1991 year. In the meantime,since Bivins was interested in discovering and developing new talent, he organized the "East Coast Family",which besides Bell Biv Devoe, also consists of Another Bad Creation and Boyz II Men. Bell Biv Devoe recurred in 1993 with their second album Hootie Mack, but it was less successful than the first.

All three members reunited with the other members of New Edition to record and release another album in 8 years, Home Again, and went on another tour in 1996. Bell Biv Devoe released their third album B.B.D. in 2001. It wasn't commercially successful, probably because it had a harder rap sound.