Blackfly was a Canadian sitcom which ran on Global for two seasons.

It was set in 18th century Canada, this comedy features the twisted Canadian history where Benny "Blackfly" Broughton (Ron James), a jack-of-all-trades of colonial Canada is joined by the by-the-book British officer, Corporal Entwhistle (Colin Mochrie).

Featuring characters like Blackfly's boss - the rowdy, penny-pinching Scottish storekeeper MacTavish (James Kee); Misty Moon (Cheri Maracle), the wise Native barkeep who loves watching the white man blow his money on whiskey; the deranged and nutty Colonel Boyle (Richard Donat); and his daughter - Lady Hammond (Shauna Black), the hot-blooded princess of privilege.

The show was produced by Salter Street Films.

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