The Book of Dimma (Dublin, Trinity College, MS.A.IV.23) is an eight century Irish pocket Gospel Book originally from the Abbey of Roscrea, founded by St. Cronan in the County Tipperary, Ireland. In addition to the four Gospels, in between the Gospels of Luke and John, it has an order for the Unction and Communion of the Sick. It was signed by its scribe, Dimma MacNathi, at the end of each of the Gospels. This Dimma has been traditionally identified with the Dimma, who was later Bishop of Connor, mentioned by Pope John IV in a letter on Pelagianismin 640. This identification, however, cannot be sustained. The illumination of the manuscript is limited to illuminated initials, three Evangelist portrait pages and one page with and Evangelist's symbol. In the twelfth century the manuscript was encased in a richly gilt case.

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