Table of contents
1 Ancient texts
2 Classic Novels
3 Classical Poetry
4 Modern
5 Overseas Chinese Literature
6 Others

Ancient texts

  • The Four Books (四書, S shū) are
  • The Five Classics (五經, Wǔ jīng) are
    • The Classic of Poetry (詩經, Shī Jīng), made up of 305 poems.
    • The Classic of History (書經, Shū Jīng) contains examples of early Chinese prose.
    • The Book of Changes or I Ching (易經, Y Jīng), a manual of divination based on the eight trigrams.
    • The Classic of Rites (禮記, Lǐ J) describes ancient rites and court ceremonies.
    • The Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋, Chūn Qiū).
    • The Classic of Music (樂經) is sometime referred to as the sixth classic, but is lost.
  • Other classics:
    • The Classic of The Way and its Virtue or Tao Te Ching (道德經, Dao De Jing), attributed to Lao Zi.
    • The True Classic of Perfect Emptiness, attributed to Lie Zi.
    • The Classic of Filial Piety (孝經, Xiao Jing)
    • The Three Characters Classic
  • Other ancient texts

Classic Novels

Classical Poetry


Overseas Chinese Literature


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