Condor Airlines was the name of a major German charter airline that also operated some regularly scheduled flights.

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Condor began to fly in 1955, using the name Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH. For many years, it was a well known name to German travellers. At its beginnings, it used the then modern equipment such as DC-3 airplanes and so.

The airline outgrew that phase and went into the jet age, using other planes such as DC-10s and others. By the 1990s, it was a major player in the charter airline world, flying to many different exotic destinations and some major cities worldwide. In 1998, the airline was bought over by Lufthansa, and Boeing 757s were being put to use.

In 2003, the airline was sold to Thomas Cook Airlines, Condor being merged in its entirety to the Thomas Cook company by April of that year.


(This is a partial list of planes used by Condor, more info would be appreciated)
  • DC-3
  • DC-10
  • Boeing 757


Condor's livery reflected that of Lufthansa during the
1990s, with an all white fuselage airplane, the letters Condor written in black on top of the front windows, and an all yellow tail with Condor's logo of a blue bird inside a blue circle, very similar to Lufthansa's 1970s logo.


Many vacation spots world-wide.