Determiners consist of subsets of parts of speech. Articles fall into a determiner category, which are words that typically precede nouns and offer grammatical information about them (e.g. whether or not the nouns are indefinite or definite). Determiners may also include counting words that quantify nouns

  • many (countable nouns)
  • several (countable nouns)
  • few (countable nouns)
  • some (uncountable nouns)
  • all

Determiners are also known as demonstratives
  • this
  • that
  • these (indicating close proximity to plural objects)
  • those (indicationg far away plural objects)

that can also modify nouns (e.g. "this book"). Possessive pronouns and nouns that modify nouns may also be classified as determiners (e.g. "my book", "John's book").