Djoser the Golden is usually considered the first pharaoh of the Third Dynasty of Egypt. The division of all the known pharaohs into 31 dynasties was established by Manetho, a priest, scholar and historian during the reign of Ptolemy II of Egypt. Modern archaeology has often questioned Manetho's methods and results.

Djoser is known to have succeeded Khasekhemwy, usually considered the fifth and last king of the Second dynasty. But Queen Nimaethap, the latter's wife, seems to have held the title of "Mother of the King". This may mean that she was Djoser's mother and Khasekhemwy was his father. If that is so, there is no actual division between the Second and the Third dynasty.

Djoser reigned for 19 years during the 27th century BC. Year 1 of his reign has been estimated at 2630 BC, which places his death and the end of his reign on 2611 BC.

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Alternative versions of his name: Zoser, Dzoser, Dsr, Djoser, Djeser, Zoser, Zosar, Djéser, Djésèr, Horus-Netjerikhet, Horus-Netjerichet

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