Domowije is the grandfather house spirit in Polish mythology; resembles a male head of a family – living or dead. The favorite places for these spirits to live is the threshold under the door or under the stove. He is responsible for maintaining peace and order in the household. Peasants made sure to feed him nightly, in return for being well taken care of and protected. When a new house is constructed, the owner would attract one of these spirits by placing a piece of bread down before the stove was put in. Special care was taken to make sure to only obtain pets and farm animals he liked, but the domowije would torment the ones he didn’t care for. Salted bread wrapped in a white cloth appeases this spirit. Putting clean white linen in his room was an invitation to eat a meal with the family. Hanging old shoes in the yard makes him happy as well. The Domowije’s behavior could foretell or forewarn about the future. He will pull hair to warn a woman of danger from an abusive man. He would moan and howl to warn of coming trouble. If he shows himself, it forewarns of death, if weeping it is said to be a death in the family. If he is laughing there are good times to be expected. If he strums a comb there is a wedding in the future.

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