The Dragon Warrior series are video RPG games based on the very popular Dragon Quest series released in Japan. Dragon Warrior (the first game) was first released in the United States for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. It is a translation/conversion of Dragon Quest, released in Japan in 1986.

Dragon Warrior is set in a classic medieval fantasy world filled with strange monsters, armor and equipment to find and purchase, and magic spells to learn. The player controls an heir to a brave warrior, Erdrick, who defeated an evil in days gone by. He is given the task of recovering a stolen "ball of light", rescuing the king's daughter, and defeating the Dragon-lord.

Enix Corporation (Enix) created the original Dragon Quest and Enix America Corporation released the series as Dragon Warrior in the United States. The Nintendo port was slightly modified to remove swear words and some dialog with sexual connotations. Enix America had to change the name to "Dragon Warrior" because TSR, the maker of Dungeons & Dragons already bought the name of "Dragon Quest."

Note: The Dragon Quest series is so popular in Japan that a law was passed forbidding the release of a new game on any day other than a Sunday or a holiday.

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North American Games List

  • Dragon Warrior for NES (1989)
  • Dragon Warrior II for NES (1990)
  • Dragon Warrior III for NES (1991)
  • Dragon Warrior IV for NES (1992)
  • Dragon Warrior Monsters for GBC (1999)
  • Dragon Warrior I & II for GBC (2000)
  • Torneko: The Last Hope for PSOne (2000)
  • Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Tara's Adventure for GBC (2001)
  • Dragon Warrior Monsters II: Cobi's Journey for GBC (2001)
  • Dragon Warior III for GBC (2001)
  • Dragon Warrior VII for PSOne (2001)

Fan Translation Games List

  • Dragon Quest VI for Super Famicom - fan-translated by NoPrgress (2001)
  • Dragon Quest V for Super Famicom - fan-translated by DeJap Translations (2001)
  • Dragon Quest I & II for Super Famicom - fan-translated by RPG-One (2002)
  • Dragon Quest III for Super Famicom - fan-translated by DeJap Translations and RPG-One (2004)

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