Enlil is a god in Sumerian Mythology.

Enlil was the god of wind, or the sky between earth and heaven. One story has his origination as the exhausted breath of An (God of the heavens) and Ki (goddess of the Earth) after sexual union. As time went on, he gained prominence until he eventually ruled the pantheon of deities.

When he was a young god, he was banished from Dilmun, home of the gods, to Kur, the underworld for raping a young girl named Ninlil. Ninlil followed him to the underworld where she bore his first child, the moon god Sin. After fathering three more underworld deities, Enlil was allowed to return to Dilmun when Ninlil admitted that it was her plan to seduce him all along.

He was also known as the inventor of the pickaxe (favorite tool of the Sumerians) and the reason plants grow. He used be in the possession of all the holy Me, until he gave them to Enki for safe keeping, who summarily lost them to Inanna in a drunken stupor.