The Gibson Guitar Corporation's ES-150 guitar is generally recognized as the world's first commercially feasible electric guitar. The ES stands for Electric Spanish, and it was designated 150 because it cost 150$ along with an EH-150 amplifier and a cord.

After its introduction in 1936, it immediately became popular in jazz orchestras of the period. Unlike the usual unamplified guitars utilized in jazz, it was loud enough to take a more prominent position in ensembles.

Jazz guitarist Eddie Durham is usually credited with making the first electric guitar solo in 1938 with the ES-150. The most important player of the ES-150, however, is Charlie Christian. As a matter of fact, because of his popularization of the guitar, the instrument's distinctive single-blade pickup, was renamed after him. His warm, flowing solos, and warm sound revolutionized the jazz guitar and, to this day, influence countless players.