"Exile" is the title of an episode from the third season of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. Its episode number is 058, and it first aired on 15 October, 2003 (Paramount Pictures, n.d.).

In the episode, Tarquin (Paramount Pictures, n.d.) a humanoid male, who lives alone on a planet, communicates telepathically with Hoshi. He promises to provide information relevant to Enterprise's current mission relating to the Xindi, but Enterprise would need to visit him at his location. Archer decides to do so, and when they arrive, he demands that Hoshi stay with him for a while; the Enterprise would leave and later return to retrieve her. Archer grants his request, and during her visit, Hoshi learns that she wasn't the first person to visit Tarquin in this manner; in fact, others have spent the remainders of their lives with him, and it is discovered that Tarquin wishes the same of Hoshi. She denies him of his wish, and when the Enterprise returns, Hoshi leaves to Tarquin's disappointment (Strong & Dawson, 2003). Enterprise still gets the information, though; Tarquin communicates it to Hoshi even after she has left (Paramount Pictures, n.d.).