This is a collection of family name etymologies. For German names, see German family name etymology.

  • Boyer: when German, can be a modification of "Bauer," farmer.
  • Huber: the German name is derived from Huober, a farmer holding a fief. It has also been explained as an abbreviation of Hubert or as a derivation of Heber, the Hebrew Patriarch. It may occur in the following variations: Hiver Hivar, Hubbar, Hupper Huper, Hobar, Hibber, Kuber, Cooper, Kubri, Kivri, Heber, Eber, Hever, Ever.
  • MacLachlan: Gaelic, "son of Norway." Variously spelled.
  • Moreau: From dark or black horse. [1] has the etymology as "French, derived from the nickname for the dark-skinned man, perhaps a Moor."
  • Spector: From the Russian Spectorski, meaning inspector. Jews who registered as inspectors with the Russian or Ukraine governments received a favored status with respect to travel, although those who collected taxes were generally resented in the stetls (Jewish ghettos).
  • McDonald, MacDonald, O'Donald: Son of Donald.