Especially many proponents of feminism have argued that the achievements of women have been insufficiently represented in works of history up through the 20th century. Therefore, many historians and especially those who concentrate on women's studies have drawn attention to women who can be considered historically significant.

Table of contents
1 Rulers, consorts, heads of state:
2 Politicians, political figures
3 Activists and revolutionaries
4 Artists, writers, poets
5 Scientists and mathematicians
6 Medical notables
7 Musicians
8 Outlaws, pirates and criminals
9 Religious figures
10 Soldiers, agents, spies
11 Famous actors
12 Sportswomen
13 Famous models (most are female)
14 Other

Rulers, consorts, heads of state:

Politicians, political figures

Activists and revolutionaries

Artists, writers, poets

Scientists and mathematicians

Medical notables


Outlaws, pirates and criminals

Religious figures

Soldiers, agents, spies

Famous actors

See list List of female actors


Famous models (most are female)