First Air is a privately owned airline that operates mainly in Northern Canada. The airline is one of a number of major, domestic service only, Canadian airline companies, along with WestJet and others.


First Air first started flying in 1973, between the Ottawa and North Bay points. This flight was operated with an eight seat passenger plane.

Eventually, the airline would have hubs at Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and Kuujjuaq also. At Kuujjuaq, the airline provided vital services to the Inuit community, covering 16 Inuit cities with its partnership with Air Inuit.

First Air eventually started serving cities with jet aircraft, using Boeing 727 and 737 airplanes.

In addition to its jets, the airline still operates smaller, turbo-prop aircraft to access small communities.


28 destinations throught Canada.


  • Boeing 727s
  • Boeing 737s
  • Several turbo-props of different types