Honeybush (scientific name Cyclopia intermedia) is commonly used to make an infusion in the same manner as tea. It grows only in a small area in the southwest of South Africa. It shares many similarities with Rooibos.

The leaves of the bush are harvested, bruised, and left in the sun to oxidise. The resulting product is then boiled or steeped like tea to make a beverage that is enjoyed both hot and cold.

Honeybush contains virtually no caffeine (< 0.01% compared to 3.3% in ceylon tea), and is low in tannin (0.45% compared to 30% in ceylon tea). Tannin inhibits absorption of minerals.

Some of the active compounds present in Honeybush include:

  • Isoflavones
  • Flavones
  • Cinnamic Acids
  • Coumestans
  • Non-Phenolic Metabolites
  • Xanathones