Hubert Selby, Jr., is an American author.

Born in Brooklyn, on July 23, 1928, Selby dropped out of school at age 15, joining the Merchant Marine. Physically disabled by tuberculosis, he lost a lung at the age of 18 and was sent home to die. For the next decade, Selby remained bed-ridden and frequently hospitalized with a variety of lung related ailments. Unable to make a living due to health concerns, Selby decided, "I know the alphabet. Maybe I could be a writer." His decision produced some of the most powerful literature written by an American author in the twentieth century.

After the publication of Last Exit to Brooklyn in 1964, Selby became addicted to heroin, a problem that eventually landed him in prison. After his release from prison, he moved to Los Angeles and kicked his habit.

Selby has been married three times and has four children and still resides in Los Angeles. In recent years, both Last Exit to Brooklyn and Requiem for a Dream have been adapted to film.