Hyapatia Lee (born November 11, 1962) was an erotic actress during the adult film industry's "Golden Age". She began her career in pornography in 1983 and continued performing until 1991, retiring due to the AIDS scare. Over the course of her career, she made more than 70 adult films. She was married for a number of years to porn producer Bud Lee and the couple had two children. They divorced in 1992.

After retiring from the business, Lee went on to pursue a musical career. This was largely received scornfully by the mainstream media, most significantly a feature piece on Entertainment Tonight. In the late 1990's, she abandoned her musical career, remarried and had another child.

In December of 1998, Lee attempted to fake her own death. The ruse was quickly uncovered as a scam to encourage liquidation of her memorabilia via her fan club. The incident served to close the door on her career in the adult film industry.