If... is a cult film by English director Lindsay Anderson. In the film, students at an English public school revolt bloodily against the establishment around them.

The movie was filmed at the time of the student uprisings in Paris in 1968. Cheltenham, Anderson's old school, was used for outside locations.

The movie has surrealist stretches interspersed throughout and is often compared to Jean Vigo's French classic Zéro de Conduite.

The film won the 1969 Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) at the Cannes Film Festival.

If... is a political comic strip which appear in the UK broadsheet newspaper The Guardian.

It is drawn by Steve Bell. It sharply satirises current politics. Shortly after it was revealed that John Major tucked his shirt into his underpants (by someone on a plane who saw him lean forward), Bell began drawing the then Prime Minister as Superman, with underpants on the outside of the trousers of his suit.

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