Title of song: If You Don't Like the Effects, Don't Produce the Cause

Artist: Funkadelic

Title of album: America Eats Its Young

Year of first release: 1972

Songwriter(s): George Clinton, Garry Shider

Memorable Lyrics:

  • "You can make a change/If you accept the blame"
  • "You say you don't like what your country's about (yeah)/Ain't you deep/In your semi-first class seat/You picket this and protest that/And eat yourself fat/Ain't you deep/In your semi-first class seat"

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This song has two interrelated themes. The beginning focuses on hypocrites who want to change reality without accepting the blame if anything goes wrong. This is extended in the latter part of the song to those who make half-hearted attempts at social change, and who protest the "big" problems but are not willing to make changes in their own lives to respect what they claim is right for all of society.