Industrial and organizational psychology (commonly abbreviated as I/O psychology) attempts to apply psychological results and methods to aid workers and organizations. As such, it is a fairly diverse field incorporating aspects of fields such as clinical psychology, social psychology, and psychometrics as well as broader social studies such as organizational theory, law, and gender issues.

Related disciplines

Many I/O psychologists specialize in “I” aspects (e.g., psychometrics; time and motion studies; labor law) or “O” aspects (e.g., leadership selection, coaching and development; organizational design and change). Some I/O psychologists are academic or non-academic researchers while many others are engaged in practice, holding positions such as:
  • executive coach
  • diversity consultant
  • legislative compliance officer
  • labor relations specialist
  • human resources specialist
  • process improvement consultant
  • manager of selection and training.

Milestones in I/O History

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