Jesse Garon Presley (born and died January 8, 1935) was the twin brother of the American singer Elvis Presley.

His parents were Vernon Elvis Presley (born April 10, 1916) and Gladys Love Smith (born April 25, 1912), and he was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Sources disagree on whether he was still-born, or whether he died shortly after birth.

People named after Jesse Garon Presley

A little-known rock and roll band by the name of Jesse Garon Presley and The Percolators is named after the unfortunate infant, the lead singer being described on one webpage as "the reincarnated soul of Elvis Presley's still-born twin brother"[1]. The band is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The American radio disc jockey Jesse Garon was also named after Jesse Garon Presley. He works for WPIG, a local radio station in Olean, New York, where he is on from 18:00 to 00:00 every weeknight. He plays primarily classic country music, and hosts a radio request show called Sizzlin' Country Nites.

Also, there is a French pop/rock singer who named himself Jesse Garon.

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