Leave No Trace is an ecological principle of leaving an environment of habitation in such a condition as to render it impossible for future observers to discern the previous presence of the practitioners of the Leave No Trace methodology.

The slogan "Leave no trace" (LNT) summarizes a trend among hikers to address concerns about conservation of the ecosystems and scenery that often motivate hikes. An organization of the same name promotes LNT practices in cooperation with the NOLS and the AMC.

One simple and fundamental aspect of LNT is "If you can carry it in, you can carry it back out"; a particularly blatant target of this principle is the popular disposable plastic bottle of water, which weighs a pound or so, and has a volume that challenges many pockets. Once empty, with its top left loose, it is a five-second project to convert it into a negligible weight occupying a back pocket, instead of a slow-to-decay eyesore

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