The following is a list of the non-endemic introduced ant species and subspecies which have been recorded in the British isles. For native ant species found in the British Isles, see List of common names of British ant species.

Inclusion on this list does not imply that a species has, at any time been established in Britain, merely recorded there. For established species only'' see List of established non-endemic ant species of the British Isles.

Also see ants, British ants and Horace Donisthorpe.

Table of contents
1 Ponerinae
2 Formicinae
3 Dolichoderinae



  • Camponotus (Camponotus) herculeanus Linnaeus

  • Camponotus (Myrmentoma) caryae A. Fitch var. fallax Nylander

  • Camponotus (Myrmentoma) caryae A. Fitch subsp. rasilis Wheeler var. pavidus Wheeler

  • Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) sylvaticus Oliver

  • Camponotus (Myrmothrix) abdominalis Fabricius

  • Camponotus (Myrmothrix) abdominalis F subsp. atriceps F. Smith

  • Camponotus (Myrmothrix) abdominalis F subsp. stercorarius Forel


  • Iridomyrmex humilis Mayr.

  • Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabricius

  • Tapinoma minutum Mayr.

  • ' Technomyrmex albipes F. Smith

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