The List of castles is a link page for any castle in the sense of a fortified building.

See also: citadel, fortress

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1 Castles of Canada
2 Castles of Denmark
3 Castles of Finland
4 Castles of France
5 Castles of Germany
6 Castles in the Republic of Ireland
7 Castles of Italy
8 Castles of Japan
9 Castles of Norway
10 Castles of Poland
11 Castles of Spain
12 Castles of Switzerland
13 Castles of Sweden
14 Castles in the United Kingdom
15 Crusader Castles
16 Fictional Castles
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Castles of Canada

Castles of Denmark

Castles of Finland

Castles of France

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Castles of Germany

Castles in the Republic of Ireland

see the
Irish Republic castle list.

Castles of Italy

South Tyrol (former Austria)

  • Schloss Siegmundskron
  • Schloss Rafenstein
  • Schloss Hocheppan

Castles of Japan

Castles of Norway

Castles of Poland

See also [Polish Castles]

Castles of Spain

''The Castle of Chillon, Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Castles of Switzerland

  • Château de Chillon
  • Kyburg

Castles of Sweden

  • Bohus Castle
  • Borgholm Castle
  • Carlsten
  • Gripsholm Castle
  • Gävle Castle
  • Läckö Castle
  • Kalmar Castle
  • Kronoberg Castle
  • Malmö Castle
  • Nyköping Castle
  • Skokloster Castle
  • Uppsala Castle
  • Årsta Castle
  • Örebro Castle

See also: Royal Palaces in Sweden

Castles in the United Kingdom

Crusader Castles

Fictional Castles

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