List of robots and androids in literature and film:

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  • Maidens made of gold, Bronze giant Talos, in The Iliad by Homer (circa 800 BC)
  • The woman forged out of gold in The Kalevala
  • The legend of the Golem, an animated man of clay, mentioned in the Talmud.
  • A mechanical man powered by steam in Edward S. Ellis' Steam Man of the Prairies (1865)
  • A mechanical man run by electricity in Luis Senarens' Frank Reade and his Electric Man (1885)
  • A robot chess-player in Moxon's Master by Ambrose Bierce
  • The "Professor Jameson" series by Neil R. Jones (early 1930s) featured human and alien minds preserved in robot bodies. Reprinted in five Ace paperbacks in the late 1960s: The Planet of the Double Sun, The Sunless World, Space War, Twin Worlds and Doomsday on Ajiat
  • The Martian robot in The Lost Machine by John Wyndham (1932)
  • Human cyborgs in Revolt of the Pedestrians by David H. Keller (1932)
  • Robot surgeon in "Rex" by Harl Vincent (1934)
  • Helen O'Loy, from the story of the same title by Lester del Rey (1938)
  • Adam Link of I, Robot by Eando Binder (1938)
  • Robots discover their "roots" in Robots Return by Robert Moore Williams (1938).
  • Robot as murder witness in True Confession by F. Orlin Tremaine (1939)
  • Robots by Isaac Asimov:
  • The Iron Man, in the book by Ted Hughes (1968)
  • The masculinist plot to replace women with perfect looking, obedient robot replicas -- The Stepford Wives (1972) by Ira Levin
  • Gort, in Farewell to the Master by Harry Bates
  • Zane Gort, a robot novelist, of The Silver Eggheads by Fritz Leiber
  • The Humanoids, from a series by Jack Williamson
  • Androids, fully organic in nature -- the products of genetic engineering -- and so human-like that they can only be distinguished by psychological tests; some of them don't even know that they're not human. -- Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (1968) by Philip K. Dick
  • Doraemon in manga
  • The Electric Grandmother in the short story of the same name, from I Sing the Body Electric by Ray Bradbury



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