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  • Sir Isaac Newton's cat, whose incessant desire to be let in or out allegedly drove him to devise the catflap.


  • Cc the cat, the first cloned pet.
  • Dinah, the actual cat of Alice Liddell.
  • Humphrey, a cat who took up residence at Downing Street in the early 1990s (named for the character of Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes, Minister).
  • India "Willie" Bush, US President George W. Bush's cat, named for Ruben Sierra "El Indio".
  • Muezza, the cat of Mohammed; the Prophet cut off his sleeve rather than disturb the cat, who was sleeping on it.
  • Pangur Ban, the cat who inspired an otherwise unknown 8th (or 9th) century Irish monk to write a poem cataloguing their similarities.
  • Socks, US President Bill Clinton's adopted stray cat, named by his daughter Chelsea.
  • Trim, beloved ship's cat of explorer Matthew Flinders, said to have been the first cat to circumnavigate the world.

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