Note to all wikipedians and readers: This is a list of people who are known to have or to have had the virus known as HIV, including people who have died (whether from AIDS or another cause). Please feel free to add any names that have been left out, but only add names of people who have made their HIV diagnosis public, either past or present.

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  • Arthur Ashe, tennis player and social activist; infected via transfusion during heart surgery
  • Esteban De Jesus world champion boxer
  • Magic Johnson - probably most famous for his public announcement in 1991 that he had been infected with the virus HIV and would retire from basketball.
  • Greg Louganis - diver, knew he was HIV-positive since 1988, announced it in 1995
  • Tommy Morrison world champion boxer, tests in 1996 revealed he was HIV-positive, automatically retiring him from boxing as a competitor; underwent a technique known as "sperm-washing," designed to allow HIV+ people to have HIV- children.
  • Ruben Palacios world champion boxer




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