Contraband consists of items of which possession may be illegal, depending on the variety and the country or the age or sex of the possessor.

(You can be punished for having such an item, even though you have properly paid for it or made it yourself etc.)

Please see the legal disclaimer if you are looking for legal advice.

Table of contents
1 Weapons
2 Information
3 Animals
4 Chemicals
5 Burglar tools
6 Miscellaneous
7 Items during a protest
8 Notes



  • Pornography - this varies immensely from country to country and by culture
  • Hate literature - varies according to country
  • Books which may be considered subversive or immoral in some countries or cultures.
  • Certain software e.g. advanced encryption algorithms, PGP, Linux DVD de-encryption software such as DeCSS, etc. in some countries.
  • Official secrets



Burglar tools


Items during a protest

  • Mask - For example, in California no protester may wear a mask. The law was initially created to force members of the Ku Klux Klan to show their faces, but the same code was later inforced to prevent protesters from wearing gas masks.