There are many locations in Great Britain where rare ants have been historically present, but for which no modern records exist. These are listed by species:

Table of contents
1 Formica pratensis
2 Formica exsecta
3 Formica sanguinea
4 Formica rufibarbis
5 Tapinoma erraticum
6 Ponera coarctata

Formica pratensis

N.b. The last recorded colony of this species was at Morden near Bloxworth in the early 1990s.

Also see Formica pratensis.

Formica exsecta

Also see Formica exsecta.

Formica sanguinea

Also see Formica sanguinea

Formica rufibarbis

Also see Formica rufibarbis.

Tapinoma erraticum

Also see Tapinoma erraticum.

Ponera coarctata

Also see British ants, Rare ants of the British Isles and List of the common names of British ant species.

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