This is a list of people famous enough to be known unambiguously by their initials:

  • BB, French Actress Brigitte Bardot
  • BHL, French philosopher
  • DSK, French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  • E2R, Queen of the United Kingdom
  • FDR, U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • H.D, U.S. Imagist poet Hilda Doolittle
  • IDS, British politician Iain Duncan Smith
  • JFK, U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • JWZ, Free software programmer Jamie Zawinski
  • J2M, former CEO of Vivendi-Universal Jean-Marie Messier
  • LBJ, U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson (It must be noted that Johnson so liked his initials that his children and dogs all had them, and he nicknamed his wife Lady Bird so she could have them too)
  • LT, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Lawrence Taylor
  • MJ, U.S. basketball legend Michael Jordan
  • MLK, U.S. civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • OJ, U.S. football player, movie actor, and murder suspect O. J. Simpson
  • PPDA, French journalist Patrick Poivre d'Arvor
  • Q, British writer Arthur Quiller-Couch
  • RAH, U.S. Science fiction author Robert Heinlein
  • RFK, U.S. politician Robert F. Kennedy
  • RMS, Free Software advocate Richard Stallman
  • TR, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
  • UKK, Finnish longtime president and strongman Urho Kaleva Kekkonen
  • W.L, ficticious name given to real life Ugandan crime victim that journalist Caroline Moorehead wrote about

Borderline Cases

  • ALF, extraterrestrial TV character Alien Life-Form [sic]
  • BOD, Irish rugby player Brian O'Driscoll
  • Eminem ("M 'n' M"), U.S. Rapper Marshall Mathers
  • "Dubya, U.S. President George W. Bush (based on his Texan pronunciation of the letter W, which distinguishes him from his father)
  • J. Lo, U.S. pop musician Jennifer Lopez
  • J.D, Canadian-born journalist John Roberts was known as J.D. when host of The New Music on City TV
  • Hergé ("R. G." in French), Belgian comics author Georges Remi
  • LB, basketball legend Larry Bird, who usually gives autographs using only his initials.
  • ODB, U.S. rapper "Ol' Dirty Bastard"
  • TAFKAP, U.S. soul singer Prince, abbreviation for The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, which replaced an unpronounceable symbol as his name. He has since reverted to using his first name of Prince.

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