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1 Blind from birth
2 People with other visual disabilities
3 blind in one eye

Blind from birth

People with other visual disabilities

  • Tex Avery, (1908-1980), blind in his left eye
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), became blind in later life.
  • Jorge Luis Borges, became blind in old age from a hereditary condition
  • Louis Braille, (1809-1852), became blind after an accident caused an eye infection at the age of 3.
  • Gordon Brown - lost an eye as a boy during a game of rugby.
  • Andrea Bocelli - barely sighted at birth became completely blind at 12.
  • Bushwick Bill - American rapper, member of the Geto Boys, lost an eye during an argument with a girlfriend
  • Ray Charles, (born 1930), blind from glaucoma since age 7.
  • Ry Cooder - blind in one eye
  • Sammy Davis Jr, (1925-1990), lost his left eye in an car accident in 1954
  • Frederick Delius, (1862-1934), became blind later in life after contracting syphilis
  • Sandy Duncan - lost vision in one eye following surgery.
  • Peter Falk, (born 1927), lost his right eye at age three as a result of a tumor.
  • W.C. Handy, (1873-1958), Blues composer, went blind in middle age
  • Rex Harrison, (1908-1990), blind in one eye as the result of a childhood illness.
  • Helen Keller, (1880-1968), blindness resulted from fever at age 19 months
  • Stalebread Lacombe - Jazz musician, went blind in middle age
  • Fritz Lang, (1890-1976), nearly blind at the end of his life
  • Jim McMahon - legally blind in one eye due to a pencil accident as a child
  • John Milton, (1608-1674), became blind at the age of 42 (I waked, she fled, and day brought back my night).
  • Claude Monet, (1840-1926), lost sight through cataracts in later life.
  • Horatio Nelson, (1758-1805), lost an eye in battle and later took advantage of his disability.
  • William Prescott, historian, from childhood blind in one eye, severe visual impairment in other eye
  • Claude Rains - blind in one eye
  • John Stanley, composer, became partially blind as the result of a domestic accident at age 2
  • James Thurber - lost an eye as a child when his brother shot him with an arrow and as an adult lost the sight in the other eye.
  • Sue Townsend - registered blind in mid 2001 due to a diabetic condition she has suffered from for 20 years.
  • Stevie Wonder - blindness from retrolental fibroplasia caused by high oxygen concentrations in the incubator in which he was placed because of his premature birth.

blind in one eye