There were a lot of programs broadcasted on Elliniki Radiophonio Teleorassi, which was the only Greek television channel before the launch of ANT1, Mega (in 1987-88) and then Alter (in 2001).

Here are a list of programs broadcasted on ERT Channels:

Table of contents
1 Programs
2 From CYBC in Cyprus
3 Family/Children (Children's Programs)
4 Other
5 News and Sports


From CYBC in Cyprus

  • 7 Days in Cyprus (ERT Sat)
  • CYBC News (ERT Sat)

Family/Children (Children's Programs)


  • Lone Ranger (broadcasted in 1967) (ERT, now ET-1)
  • Lonely Planet (documentary, partly dubbed in Greek for the narrator) (2001) (NET)
  • MacGyver (1992)
  • Magnum P.I
  • Miami Vice

News and Sports

  • Athetic Sunday Athletike Kyriake, some prefer Sports Sunday
  • ERT News, (ERT, now ET-1)
  • ET1 News, (ET1)
  • ET2 News, now NET News
  • ET3 News, (NET)
  • NET News, (NET)

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