Mount Korab is the highest mountain of both Albania and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia at the border of the two states. It is part of the Korab range.

The mointain has two peaks. The border goes through the higher peak Great Korab (in Albanian Maja e Korabit or Mali i Korabit, in Macedonian Golem Korab or Kobilino Pole; height from the sea level 2753 m (older data) or 2764 m (newer data) or maybe still higher by about 100 m). The other peak is Mala Korapska Vrata (2425 m; older data).

During the Balkanic wars the front used to occur through Korab. There is a mined zone around the mountain. Ascending the mountain is possible from the Macedonian side after complicated bureaucratic procedures, accompanied by a military escort.

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