Nuon is a technology that adds additional features to a DVD player. In addition to viewing DVD's, you can play 128-bit games, use enhanced DVD navigation tools, gain access to DVD-ROM features that would normally be only available via a personal computer, playback CD's while the Nuon graphics processor generates synchronised graphics on your monitor, and more. There are plans to provide internet access capability in the next generation of Nuon-equipped DVD players.

Currently, Nuon is used in some Samsung (DVD-N501 and DVD-N2000 models), and some Toshiba DVD players.

Peripherals for Nuon-enhanced DVD players include the following:

  • Logitech Gamepad
  • Pro-elite controller
  • Stealth controller
  • Warrior Digital-D pad
  • Extension cable to extend the length of a controller
  • a port replicator to move the Nuon ports to anywhere you want.

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