Office Space is a 1999 comedy film directed by Mike Judge, loosely based on his 1991 animated short film of the same name. It pokes fun at work life in a typical software company during the 1990s by portraying individuals who are completely fed up with their jobs. It was filmed in Austin and Dallas, Texas.

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In a setting similar to the Dilbert comic strip, two consultants (called "The Bobs") are brought in to help with downsizing and increasing productivity. Workers are then interviewed for the purposes of determining performance. Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) decides he will not work anymore and, to his surprise, receives a promotion by the Bobs, whereas his two friends Samir Nayeenanajar (Ajay Naidu) and Michael Bolton (David Herman) will get fired. Together they decide to write a virus and release into the accounting system so that it will round down fractions of a cent and accumulate the leftovers into their own account (see salami slicing).


  • Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons
  • Jennifer Aniston as Joanna
  • Ajay Naidu as Samir Nayeenanajar
  • David Herman as Michael Bolton
  • Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh
  • Stephen Root as Milton Waddams
  • Richard Riehle as Tom Smykowski
  • Alexandra Wentworth as Anne
  • Joe Bays as Dom Portwood
  • John C. McGinley as Bob Slydell
  • Diedrich Bader as Lawrence
  • Paul Willson as Bob Porter
  • Kinna McInroe as Nina
  • Todd Duffey as Bryan
  • Greg Pitts as Drew
  • Michael McShane as Dr. Swanson
  • Linda Wakeman as Laura Smykowski
  • Kyle Scott Jackson as Rob Newhouse
  • Orlando Jones as Steve
  • Barbara George-Reiss as Peggy (Lumbergh's Secretary)
  • Mike Judge as Stan (Chotchkie's Manager)

  • Jack Betts as Judge


Bob: Looks like you've been missing quite a bit of work lately.
Peter: Well, I wouldn't say I've been MISSING it, Bob.

Michael: We get caught laundering money, we're not going to white collar resort prison. No, no, no. We're going to Federal 'Pound me in the Ass' prison!

Michael: PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?

Milton: I believe you have my stapler?

Nina: Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking! Just a moment!" (Repeats continuosly)

Peter: What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Lawrence: I'll tell you what I'd do, man - two chicks at the same time, man.
Peter: That's it? If you had a million dollars, you'd do two chicks at the same time?
Lawrence: Damn straight. I always wanted to do that, man. And I think if I had a million dollars I could hook that up, cause chicks dig a dude with money.
Peter: Well, not all chicks.
Lawrence: Well, the kind of chicks that'd double up on me do.
Peter: Good point.
Lawrence: What about you ... what would you do?
Peter: Besides two chicks at the same time?
Lawrence: Well yeah.
Peter: Nothing.
Lawrence: Nothing, huh?
Peter: I'd relax, sit on my ass all day. I would do nothing.
Lawrence: Well you don't need a million dollars to do nothing, man. Just take a look at my cousin, he's broke - don't do shit.

Peter: What if we're still doing this when we're 50?
Samir: It would be nice to have that kind of job security.

Tom Smykowski: Well-well look. I already told you: I deal with the god damn customers so the engineers don't have to! I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?

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