The English language has three one-letter words:

Both I and O are capitalized when used.

The word E is the shortest English neologism and is a Spivak pronoun meaning he or she. It is also a common abbreviation for the drug Ecstasy.

e is a mathematical and scientific constant, referring to the base of the natural logarithm.

In gangster rap culture, G is a valid word, a contraction of "gangster", used as a term of respect.

There are also various single letter words used as abbreviations in text-speak and related uses:

  • b -- "be"
  • c -- "see"
  • k -- "okay"
  • q -- "queue"
  • r -- "are"
  • t -- "tea"
  • u -- "you"
  • v -- "very", for example: V Graham Norton
  • y -- "why"

Various digits have also been pressed into service in this manner:
  • 2 -- "to", "too"
  • 4 -- "for"
  • 8 -- "ate" can also be used in the word "later" as l8r

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