Only Fools and Horses is a hugely popular British sitcom, made and broadcast by the BBC, which started in 1981. The last full series of Fools and horses was made in 1992 but special episodes are still made occasionally, usually for Christmas viewing.

The central characters are Del Boy (Derek Trotter) played by David Jason, his younger brother Rodney Trotter played by Nicholas Lyndhurst, and Uncle Albert played by Buster Merryfield. Albert replaced an earlier third charcter, Grandad, after the death of actor Lennard Pearce.

A strong supporting cast includes:

  • Denzil (Paul Barber)
  • DCI Roy 'The Slag' Slater (Jim Broadbent)
  • Boycie (John Challis)
  • Sid (Roy Heather)
  • Marlene (Sue Holderness)
  • Trigger (Roger Lloyd-Pack)
  • Mickey Pearce (Patrick Murray)
  • Raquel (Tessa Peake-Jones)
  • Cassandra (Gwyneth Strong)

The name of the show is also referenced in the title song, and is based on an old saying: "Only fools and horses work (for a living)", which is a reference to Del's tax- and work- evading lifestyle.

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