A patriotic song could be described as an unofficial national anthem. It may or may not have words. It is often sung on holidays. Common thems within patriotic songs include love of country or other nationalist sentiments. Some patriotic songs are militaristic or have themes that glorify self-sacrifice.

List By Country


Basque Country
  • Gernikako arbola (The tree of Guernica)
  • Gora ta Gora beti (Up and up always)

Canada Cuba France China, People's Republic of
  • 東方紅 (Eastern Red)

China, Republic of
  • 梅花 (The Plum Blossom)

Italy Serbia and Montenegro
  • Himna kosovskih junaka (Hymn of Kosovo heroes)
  • Mars na Drinu (March on Drina)
  • Marsirala Kralja Petra garda (King Peter's guard on march)
  • Od Topole pa do Ravne gore (From Topola to Ravna gora)
  • Sprem'te se sprem'te (Get ready, get ready)

  • España cañí
  • Que viva España (Let Spain live)

  • Fädernas kyrka (The church of the fathers)
  • Kungssången (The King's song)
  • Land, du välsignade (Land, thou blessed)
  • Sveriges flagga (Flag of Sweden)
  • Vår Gud är oss en väldig borg (Our God is for us a mighty castle)

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