Radio Controlled (R/C) Models allow a person to manipulate controls of a model to change direction and manipulate other aspects of the model. All types of vehicles imaginable have had R/C systems installed in them. Cars, boats, planes, submarines and full size space ships such as those that have been sent out to explore the solar system have radio systems installed that receive signals from a transmitter and then cause some part of the control system or other devices to react to those controls.

Aircraft modelers that use these types of Model aircraft enjoy a wide range of sizes of models. Radio Controlled Models (R/C) provide a complete experience in aeromodeling. Models can be bought prebuilt, ready to fly, as well as needing partial or complete construction and finishing. R/C model aircraft come in a wide array of sizes from 1 ft wing spans to those large enough to seem able to carry a person. There are a wide array of manufactures of equipment related to the R/C aircraft industry. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) provides a magazine and industry support and guidance to help keep the hobby safe and enjoyable by a wide range of individuals.